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What is Here

This area of the website incorporates "How To's" and tips and techniques. I frequently find better ways to do things, when I do I take the time to share those tips.

I am working on a spacial area for sharpening hand tools. I rely on my hand tools for every project, so it is critical to keep them sharp.  If you have hand tools around the shop and you don't use them, then I would bet they are dull.  Read on to find out how I put a razor edge on in minutes. If you don't think my technique will work for you I have added links to other ways to sharpen.


What I Use
I use Japanese water stones to keep my plane blades and chisels sharp. Water stones are easy to use, and they can accommodate a wide "quality" of tools. If you have high quality tools waterstones come in a wide variety of grits, I have seen grits as high as 30,000. I believe that waterstones can provide the very best possible edge on your tools. See more here.
How To
Once you have decided to use water stones, you will need to know how to use them. I will explain how I sharpen tools in detail. Im not trying to improve on other techniques you can find, but I take the time to put it all together in one spot see more here.
Maintaining Equipment
Now that water stones have made your tools nice and sharp, how do you care for them? Unfortunatly the stones have to be maintained, but I have found and easy, and inexpensive way to do it. Now if I have your attention you can read all about sharpening in more detail here.

Shop Tips

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Quick Tips

Are you getting burn marks on your table saw? Make sure your blade is clean. I clean blade can make all the difference in the world. It will improve the quality of the cut and reduce burns.

In the shop I have round plastic pan that is made for oil changes. When it is time to clean my blade I place it in the pan and spray it with CMT orange cleaner. After soaking for a minute or two, the next step is to clean it with a brass bristle brush. It takes about five minutes to get the blade cleaned and back on the saw.